Improve Your Outreach

3D walk-throughs and VR can show off your facilities and highlight the fact that trades have gone high-tech.

Perfect for school and community demonstrations, these models can be used with VR goggles, smartphones and large-screen TVs.

Accelerate Your Training

3D models and VR can be used in a classroom environment to accelerate learning and provide access to facilities in other parts of the country.


A National Resource

Each training facility can share its training facilities virtually with other centers across the country.

Try a 3D Walk-through

Click ‘Explore 3D Sapce’ then click one of the 3 icons above left to get started.

  • The ‘person’ icon will put you in the front door
  • The ‘dollhouse’ view allows you to go anywhere in the building
  • The floorplan will show an overview

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